It is one of the most commonly used systems of medicine in the world today.
100 Million European citizens use over the counter prescribed homeopathic medicine and it is part of the national health systems in Britain, Germany, France, India and Brazil.

Why is that?
Homeopathy is gentle, safe and natural medicine. It is effective and it can be used to treat anybody, from babies to the elderly.

Patients are prescribed homeopathic medicines based on their unique, individual needs. Homeopathy can support for acute and chronic diseases and can be used alongside conventional medicine.


Nobody is in perfect health all the time. We get sick, we lose our balance, we are thrown off by events in our lives.
In these moments things don’t flow anymore. We don’t wake up happy and ready to embrace the day. We lose the ease in our lives. Sometimes we stay out of balance a long time. Some people never really get back into it or are feeling this un-ease from very early on in life through traumatic events.
The healthier someone is, the quicker they will come back to balance again.

Did you ever reflect about what health really is?
When the important organs in your body are healthy and the whole body is working in unison, we have hardly any awareness of what is going on inside.
It just feels right.
Our energy is just right, our appetite is good, we are happy to do our work and we enjoy our existence.
When we are healthy our brain is just working fine. Our thoughts are clear. We have a good memory and an ability to reason and to make choices.
We are likely to make the right choices. And if we make a wrong choice, we have the flexibility to learn, to change, to turn around. We go with the flow of life. And this makes us happy.
We are able to have good relationships and we feel unburdened by past or future.


The body is so much greater than you may think. The body has miraculous capacity to heal itself. Do you know what symptoms actually are?

Symptoms are not disease. Symptoms are the result of disease. Symptoms are what the body produces to get itself out of a stuck situation. Out of something that endangers it. For example when we catch a cold the body will raise its temperature to a fever to try and kill off the cold bug. When our bodies come under attack from a viral infection they launch a sophisticated defence known as 'the immune response'. Our immune system is designed to recognise the cells that make up our bodies and repel any foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria.
Same for injuries, same even for an emotional reaction like a depression. Sadness, as long as it doesn’t get stuck in us is an important feeling to make us reconnect, reflect and change our thinking, attitude and to make us grow. Everything your body and mind does is a step on a journey to actually learn and grow and accept life and accept yourself as who you are!
Shall we trust our responses, shall we trust ourselves or shall we fight and suppress ourselves all the way long?


If we have a more chronic, a more deep seated problem, we don’t have yet the strength to manage it ourselves. This can come on over years of brushing aside our little weaknesses, moving on regardless, or it can come through traumata which have a strong hold on our subconscious and therefore cannot be managed easily. In any of these ways, things were building up. We haven’t been listening to ourselves.
If we develop arthritis, allergies, or severe diseases like ME, cancer and diabetes, these are the symptoms of many years accumulated stuff. (Or, who knows, even many lifetimes ...)
Our body is showing us all the time what is going on and how we could turn the corner.
And often we do need help from others to listen, understand and change!
Trusting our body means trusting ourselves.




What could that mean?
Does it mean everything revolves around us? Does it mean we are selfish and egotistical? Or does it mean we live our own lives, from deep down, truly our own?
Living that life we actually came into existence for on this earth? Just for the purpose to live this one life which was thought for us, going the path that develops in front of us every step, just meant for you and nobody else?
Does that mean you are independent of the rules and restrictions of society?
That you have a say about it?
That you maybe can change not just yourself but also everything around you in a very natural and good way?


This is part of the science:
A large amount of something can produce specific symptoms, and a very small amount of the same substance will cure them.
(This is true for e.g. the bark of the China tree that produces malaria-like symptoms or for the onion that produces tears and sniffling. We use the remedy China for attacks of intermittent fever with chills or Allium cepa for certain hay fever symptoms)
Homeopathy allows the body to heal itself by giving the symptoms enough impetus to restore the balance.
Remember that the symptoms are not the cause of the disease. They are simply the body’s attempt to make itself well.
It is as though a small stimulus is needed to make those symptoms effective and bring the body back to its proper healthy state.
Like cures like means mirroring what is there, accepting it, face it, treat it with the same energy and let it heal.
Sometimes we do need courage to look into a mirror, don’t we?!


The problem with a chronic disease is that the body produces more and more symptoms, but nothing is resolved. Things are stuck. Help is needed.

The gentle stimulus of a Like- medicine is needed to cure the underlying problem. This is the reward for the courage to look at it. But no further effort is needed here: the remedy does the rest for you as soon as it is found!

And interestingly: even if you have many different symptoms homeopathy still treats the one underlying problem that causes them all. We don’t treat the symptoms separately. You will just receive one remedy at a time. This is called holistic treatment. Just consider how closely all the organs, the mind, all the systems of your body work together! Everything is so closely interrelated and influences each other all the time!



The inner and most important organs heal first and the outermost ones, including the skin, heal last. Symptoms at the top of the body begin to get better before those lower down.
Symptoms get better in reverse order to how they began.

Most of the time people will begin at first to simply feel better in themselves.

This is followed by healing in the parts of the body most vital to life, such as the heart, liver and kidneys.
Sometimes symptoms from the past come up. This is important, because these were the ones that had an influence and were part of the whole building up story.
The skin is usually the last area to clear. So please don’t suppress your skin symptoms with cortisone cream or similar and please be patient!


Ready for a journey?