In order to successfully treat a person, one has to develop a holistic point of view. Treating people holistically means not treating physical symptoms in isolation but rather addressing the underlying cause of the appearance of symptoms. My method of consultation in my homeopathic practice is to go beyond the level of fact (the actual pathology), and even emotion and thought to the level of sensation in a patient. Treating on this level affects all other levels and heals in the most profound way. The consultation process is deeply inquiring and completely non-judgmental.

Sensation Method

Every symptom a person develops is seen as an expression of the entire being. That is why it is important for a remedy to act on the deepest level of experience of the disease. The method of practicing homeopathy at the core sensation level is profoundly healing. Using this method of treatment, one is able to access and unravel layers of subconscious blocks much more quickly than with conventional treatments. This method has been used successfully to gain greater freedom in good health and to enhance life.

The sensation is beyond the conscious awareness of the individual. It is the level that describes a person most individually. This inner experience plays out in every aspect of ones life – we may choose and attract situations in life in accordance with our core sensations, thereby limiting our life choices considerably.

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