"To lead the people, walk behind them".


"Supervision is an opportunity to bring someone back to their own mind, to show them how good they can be."

-Nancy Kline


My job as a supervisor is to support you with your cases while you are still studying.

What is good support?

I understand support as being observing who you are and how you do things and to support the good stuff I am seeing. I will always try to support you in how you are uniquely approaching things and, if needed, guiding you to make the best out of it. 


The goal is to assist confidence and conviction in your way and progress. 


With that I also will ensure to open up doors for you to explore new thoughts and ideas. I am always happy to share knowledge and experience I gained to deepen our understanding of ourselves, our patients, remedies and all the tools we need to do our work well.

mirroring you

Reflect who you are and who you could be.


I studied Supervision with Sheila Ryan at the School of Homeopathy and I am now regularly supervising students of the School.

What I have learned is that the quality of how we look at something transforms what we are looking at.

This means that an unprejudiced, kind, benevolent witness (the supervisor) can be a major factor in achieving growth, strength and success (of the student). This also means that you as a homeopath or student of homeopathy can be the same kind of witness for your patients.

The more self confident you are in the way you do things and the more bold you become in exploring yourself and your abilities, the more you can create that space with somebody else who is in need of your help.

Supervision is just a really cool space which will make amazing things happening.