We are offering webinars internationally for homeopaths and students of homeopathy. Our speciality is a unique combination of homeopathy and mindfulness for homeopaths. We present cases, materia medica and homeopathic systems and focus on bringing together the different approaches used in homeopathy. This we combine with a specially designed mindfulness program for homeopathic practitioners. You will get a link and you will be able to watch the presentation for a full week.


August 2018


A 70 min webinar about how to approach mental health cases. We will explore the 7 levels in homeopathy according to Sankaran, do a thorough analysis of the case taking process and how the patient might express his "other song" and find the sensations, rubrics and the place in the system of homeopathy where the similimum lies. We will not just explore the sensation and miasm of the case but also try to identify the position of the remedy in the system and compare plant and mineral tables for a thorough understanding of the genius of the remedy.You can register with the School of Health, UK, www.schoolofhealth.com or directly with myself under kdbehrens@yahoo.co.uk


New Recording:

December 2017
A four hour webinar available in two parts. This 3 day conference was a milestone in our progress in the homeopathic world. We can see now how different methodologies expand further and we discover more and more unity in what we do. In that way we can also appreciate more the differences we have and enrich each other.

In this webinar we will look at the main different approaches we have in homeopathy today presented by teachers like Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Massimo Mangialovori, Jeremy Sherr, Jonathan Hardy and Michal Yakir.

6 presenters with their unique methodologies

Jeremy – keep it simple. 3 short cases and how to tackle them.
Massimo- complexity. An interesting case exploring a hidden kingdom.
Jonathan – explaining case analysis through group themes and systems.
Jan – Plant Theory - a new system to be able to prescribe unknown remedies based on the Periodic Table.
Michal – The Plant Table and the forces which drive our human evolution.
Rajan- Synergy. How the approaches work together.

· Study their cases, case taking techniques and other tools
· Finding commonalities and appreciating differences
· Added examples and insights for more clarity and understanding.
· Have a Question and Answer time.

Each part £15

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In this 70 min webinar we will deepen our understanding of how to use homeopathy in mental health cases.

We will study a case exploring the Periodic Table and how its structure can help us to understand remedies for mental health and anxiety disorders. The case study will lead us to investigate related rows and columns of the Table and discuss how to differentiate it from plant and animal remedies with similar issues.

We will look at the evolution of humanity and how it is displayed in the systems of homeopathy. In this way we can learn to see where the patient got stuck in disease and how to match this with an appropriate remedy.
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